Healthcare is rapidly changing, Are you?

In healthcare, change is happening everywhere, every day—and there's no indication the revolution will slow down anytime soon.

But how can we make sense of all the converging points, and the tides of change on both sides of the healthcare transaction? It's called design—defined as identifying and solving problems through human understanding, anthropology, and a comprehensive, experience-based approach to human behavior. 

Design has tremendous power. We want to help you make sense of it, so that you can use it in your work as a healthcare marketing and strategy professional.


The Institute is a collective that makes sense of the intersection of voice and experience, through the lens of design. In this era of profound business model disruption, design offers a toolset executives and change agents can use to make sense of the changing world around them. 

We are devoted to the people, ideas, and concepts behind the ART (AND SCIENCE) of healthcare marketing, communications, and strategy.

We explore the role design can play in engaging with and activating consumers. We bring together different voices, perspectives, and lenses in design and creativity. Most importantly, we're a content-fueled and experience-based community for healthcare executives intent on leading a conversation about how design can provide important context for managing innovation—not to mention, change that adds value to the roles we play as strategists and marketers.