Get ready for the inaugural issue of d.praxis magazine

The inaugural issue of d.Praxis magazine explores the value of experimental and iterative thinking, illustrating the transformations that occur when design is placed at the heart of healthcare strategy, voice, and experience. Check out this teaser video for a taste of what you can expect, and be on the lookout for print and digital editions coming later this month.

the institute chooses cleveland, ohio as its new home

 We are excited to share that, in an effort to grow, we are expanding our reach and relocating our headquarters to Cleveland, Ohio. We are honored to be a part of Cleveland's renaissance—tapping into its vibrant culture of healthcare and design. Read on to learn more about our move and what it means for the future of the Institute.

Featured Chewables

 Dedicate a space in your office (or ‘studio!’) as a reminder of your individual and collective purpose for pursuing healthcare.

 During the discovery phase or research process, insights emerge from a range of places.

A Dose of Design

As we decrease uncertainty, we give ourselves permission to increase fidelity.
— Jonathan Irwin