Contextualizing School-Based Care for One Community

Participatory Learning and Ethnography Brings School-Based Health Clinics to Life

Design Challenge: 

The Pediatric Health Improvement Coalition is dedicated to advancing pediatric health and well-being across the state of Tennessee. They are working to embed school-based health clinics (SBHCs) across the state to remove the barriers to managing pediatric care—particularly asthma care.


The Institute conducted a series of immersive experiences in communities targeted for SBHCs—engaging with children, families, community influencers, academic stakeholders, and others to identify values, beliefs, needs, and motivations as they relate to enhanced pediatric care; and to ensure the successful adoption of SBHCs through cultural relevant messaging and experiences.


  • Immersive ethnography study report and stakeholder interview reports to inform voice, messaging, content, promotion, and experiences that support the relationship between SBHCs and communities.