Healthcare Marketers and Strategists are charged with a significant role in healthcare—crafting the voice and experience of their organizations. To do this responsibly, utilizing design principles and methods is imperative.

It is no longer enough to ‘build it and they will come.’ We see healthcare services and experiences taking on new forms as the line continues to blur between healthcare and everyday care. Maintaining health and wellness is a practice that extends beyond the four walls of a hospital.

From prescriptions at your doorstep to a doctor’s visit in your living room, consumers want healthcare to fit into their busy lives, not the other way around. When consumers must engage with the hospital for their services, their expectations are extremely high—as with other services such as retail and hospitality. Consumers want their voices heard, their ideas considered, and their feelings respected—all within an experience tailored to meet their needs.

We hear a lot about design thinking embedded across a range of industries —“take a human-centered approach, use design in your business and adopt a culture of empathy.” So often when we talk about design in healthcare, it is about wayfinding and billboards, the layout of spaces and using apps. All of these are important aspects of the healthcare experience, but they are only fragments of the potential for design in healthcare.

Design can be leveraged at a multitude of levels of interaction in the healthcare experience. Think about how intricate every healthcare encounter is and the range of players involved. Consider the experience of a loved one receiving a life-changing diagnosis—the impact of this notion resonates deep within the individual, as well as their system of support.

When we talk about design in healthcare marketing and strategy, it goes beyond on- and off-line marketing, building websites and developing content—it has the potential to drive meaningful innovation and impact business and clinical results. But as a busy healthcare marketer and strategist, can you spare the time to learn a new discipline? Can you afford to take on another practice seemingly unrelated to your past experience and daily work, requiring translational application and likely an excessive budget? 

The Institute of Healthcare Design Thinking derives from the need to practically embed design thinking in healthcare marketing and strategy—in a simple and actionable way—which is to infuse the best practices in design within a resource-constrained environment (such as a marketing department).

Highly engaging and interactive tools and experiences available through the Institute are designed for you—a busy healthcare leader with an open mind to embody a new way of approaching challenges and growing opportunity. The Institute is dedicated to transforming the point of view of healthcare leaders to embrace design thinking—to see old challenges with new eyes and in a different way, to embody a strategically relevant and creative point of view, and to realize the potential for design to drive impact within your work, across your department and your organization at large.

This is a critical conversation in healthcare marketing and strategy. Design thinking is a crucial element in healthcare—now more than ever—and with it, we can adapt to the evolving nature of the care landscape. The Institute seeks out and brings together visionary thought leaders and positive disruptors who are driving meaningful innovation that continues to shape our industry. These authentically unspoken ‘design thinkers’ share insight and best practices that you can apply to your organization.

The Institute welcomes you to the conversation on design thinking in healthcare and challenges what you can adopt right now to make an impact in your work. Through the quarterly publication, d.Praxis magazine, members can experience the design process through compelling examples of design embedded in healthcare and glean a wealth of practical guidance and tips for becoming a design thinker.

Regardless of your position within your organization, you can gain perspective through the Institute—from joining as an individual member to signing up for an immersive design experience hosted at your hospital to experiencing a custom curriculum for your organization to center design at the core of your culture and strategy. Engage with the Institute to enhance the way you communicate with your audience, positively drive the voice, experience and culture of your organization and change your mind about healthcare by design.

Become a member today, and join the conversation of design thinking in healthcare marketing and strategy.