Design Experiences

The Institute of Healthcare Design Thinking can facilitate workshops for your healthcare organization.


Enjoy personalized, hands-on interactions with our Institute Fellows and re-shape how your team thinks about the delivery and communication of healthcare experiences.

Facilitated Workshops

Experience design thinking through our custom workshop series.

Sample Workshop Topics:

  • Data Humanized : : Numbers to Nuance 
  • Field Studies : : Explore Your Culture  
  • Know Your Role : : Traditional vs. Human-Centered Marketing
  • Reimagine the Roadmap : : Redefine Experience
  • Exercise Empathy : : From the Inside Out

Cultivate Culture

Transform your internal culture with the Institute’s custom design thinking curriculum.

Become a design thinking organization:

  • Learn how to use design at the center of your strategy
  • Evolve as individuals and as a collective
  • Engage at the department level or enterprise-wide
  • Experience design at your own pace through custom programming
  • Build internal connectivity to extend into your community

Through The Institute of Healthcare Design Thinking, my team has learned new techniques and tools to understand and change consumer health behavior.

Contact us today for more information about personalized workshops and curriculum offerings.