David Eilers, Director of Strategic Development for the Life Reimagined Institute

Dave Eilers entered the healthcare space in 1998 working for a ten-company group that helped comprise the $6 Billion Marmon Group of companies. Over the course of ten years, he pioneered new products, opened new international markets and developed new business models for the healthcare industry, resulting in a $785 Million acquisition. In 2008, Dave applied his interest in open innovation business models to the co-founding of Blue Highway; a technology accelerator focused on creating early diagnosis of adverse health conditions. He now serves as Director of Strategic Development for the Life Reimagined Institute, a new initiative by AARP designed to provide a personal guidance system for people 40+ navigating a new life phase, including work/finance, health/wellness and relationships/community. Eilers’ broad and deeply connected knowledge of health, life sciences, public health, design, and marketing make him an important resource to the Institute. He works in Washington, DC and resides in Cazenovia, NY.