Grant Harrison, CEO of The Future Customer in London, England 

Grant Harrison is one of the leading consumer health innovators of his time. Having created and launched the Tesco Clubcard–widely considered to be the first and most successful customer loyalty program, he worked as Customer Marketing Director for some of the world’s most famous brands, including Sky Television, Vodafone and Harrods, before turning his attention to the health sector. In the US, he set up Virgin Healthmiles (a health rewards business), and was VP of Consumer Innovation at Humana (the health insurer), where his team brought “health entertainment” alive by spearheading a pioneering Games4Health program and establishing B-Cycle, the public bike sharing company, as a joint venture with Trek. Harrison is currently CEO of The Future Customer, headquartered in London, which builds customer engagement strategies for a wide range of companies in healthcare and multiple other retail sectors.

Patients are becoming very discerning customers for health. To stand out in the health marketplace of the future, you must provide a useful brand experience that people engage with regularly. Practically, this means a coordinated and personally curated mix of physical and online shops, events and real-time mobile services.
— Grant Harrison, CEO of The Future Customer in London, England