Leyan Phillips, Partner and Chief Strategist at Lift1428

Leyan Phillips is an expert in consumer engagement and behavior change marketing with more than 25 years experience in Europe, the US and Asian markets. He has tirelessly pioneered the adoption of design thinking principles in healthcare—first with healthcare giant Humana in the UK, where he conducted the first ethnographic research studies for the NHS, and latterly with healthcare systems in the US, where he advises them on their branding, marketing and population health management strategies. After studying Japanese cultural studies at Cambridge, Phillips worked in senior leadership roles for global brands, including Vodafone and Harrods, and spent five years in a Tokyo ad agency as a Creative Director. He brings a strong consumer focus to his work, leading organizations such as global telehealthcare company, Tunstall through transformational change to design and deliver more consumer-centric products, services and experiences. An entrepreneur at heart, Phillips is on the board of several start-up companies in the health sector and serves as Executive Director of the Lampidis Cancer Foundation.