Design is about taking boldly calculated, strategically— informed risks. Design thinking has long been an esteemed tool for changing the world. The time has come for design to be at the center of the consumer healthcare experience. This inaugural issue of d.Praxis magazine explores the value of experimental and iterative thinking, illustrating the transformations that occur when design is placed at the heart of healthcare strategy, voice, and experience. Learn how to abandon preconceived notions and dare to craft new meaning for patient experience and engagement. Gain insights into the design process in our inaugural issue of d.Praxis magazine.

Not for the shy, timid, conventional, or jaded snarls of complacency, d.Praxis magazine will fuel the open-minded healthcare executive eager to devour design and challenge healthcare convention. See experimentation in action—from technology to culture and quality improvement to communication—and explore how iterative thinking can transform strategy, voice, and experience in healthcare.