Enriching Community Health Through Co-Creation

Healthcare is changing, fast. In light of these changes, it's time to re-evaluate our current healthcare models and identify key points of improvement. Find out what questions to ask before collaborating with communities.

Exploring the role of cultural humility in healthcare

In the United States today, different cultures interact on a daily basis. While multiculturalism is a strength, it also leads to challenges in personal and professional settings, particularly in healthcare. Learn about cultural humility and why it's essential to creating authentic experiences.

Offerings and services

 Before jumping into solutions, start by reframing the problem. Learn how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill teamed up with the Institute to bring a dynamic Discovery Workshop to the university's healthcare thought leaderscollaborating through design to challenge conventional thought and assumption.

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A Dose of Design

Every system is perfectly designed to achieve exactly the results it gets.
— Donald Berwick, MD