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Start your design thinking journey today, and change the way you plan strategy and deliver on important business results.

How Can I Start Using Design Thinking?

The Institute is devoted to crafting tools, content, and experiences that foster the adoption of design thinking into the business of healthcare—design is a powerful tool, and it is imperative to the future of human-centered care.

There are several ways the Institute can engage with you to advance strategy and solve important problems faced by your hospital or healthcare system through design thinking. The following tools and programs can be easily implemented inside your organization to provide profound and valuable insights that will help you become a more purpose-driven organization.


Introduction to Healthcare Design Thinking

Familiarize yourself and your team with the amazing world of design thinking as a business tool. 

This insightful and fun event is one of the best ways to introduce your team to the process, language, and tools of design. Hosted onsite and facilitated by a team of experienced designers and health experts, this program will leave you and your team feeling empowered and wanting more.

Explore what design is, the tools of design thinking, and how design thinking can be used to seek and understand important problems that healthcare executives and clinicians face in today’s evolving consumer landscape.

In this session we explore:

  • What is human-centered design?

  • How does the human-centered design process work?

  • What does it mean to be a human-centered design thinker?

Benefits and Value:

  • Learn and understand design principles.

  • Learn tools and protocols of design.

  • Learn how to use design tools to reexamine the work you do.

Taking the first step towards embracing design as a tool in solving important business and strategy matters for your hospital is a powerful decision. Conventional methods of problem-solving and a mindset of "we've always done it this way" tend to compel healthcare executives to avoid "new" or "innovative" methods for strategic planning. This interactive and informative session will fuel an important shift in how you think about and address the business of healthcare going forward.

  • Half-day (4 hours)
  • Onsite

Design Thinking—Simplifying the Complex

Learn and explore different frameworks for understanding how consumers can interact with your organization.  

See your world through a different lens after this engaging and enlightening program. Design affects everything we do—participate in a deep exploration into experience and interaction to understand and explore the relevance of your hospital or health system to the everyday lives of consumers. 

In this session we explore: 

  • How does the messaging of your organization reflect the unique communities it seeks to serve?
  • How do the artifacts you deploy drive consumer health behaviors?
  • What forms can experiences take?
  • How do these interactions come together to build a better system of care?

Benefits and Value: 

  • Simplify how you and your team view the complex nature of design. 
  • Gain a profoundly simple way of seeing the world and addressing your work. 
  • Increase the depth of your design thinking skills and sharpen your leadership skills. 

Digging deeper into the nuts and bolts of design will empower you and your team to advance the effectiveness of your marketing and strategy efforts. Leverage different frameworks for design to enhance business results and impact priorities both inside of your organization and in the communities you aim to serve. 

  • Half-day (4 hours) 
  • Onsite.

Beebe_Design Studio IMG_7068_RGB.jpg

Understanding & Exploring the Design Thinking Process  

Learn and explore the foundational processes of design thinking. 

This insight-fueled workshop will solidly frame the process of design and illuminate how design thinking can help innovation evolve inside your hospital. The design process enables an iterative approach to problem seeking and solving—this fun-filled workshop will put in place the tools and framework that you and your team will use time and time again as you spread the use of design thinking across your enterprise. 

In this session we explore: 

  • How do we frame design thinking using this process? 
  • Engage in exercises & use tools intended to explore each step of the design process: Discover / Define / Design / Deliver.
  • Participate in hands-on design sessions that will explore and solve a pressing problem.

Benefits and Value: 

  • Learn a simple and effective design roadmap that you can use over and over. 
  • Understand how the tools and processes of design can purposefully come to life. 
  • Refresh how you approach and frame business problems for better outcomes. 

Upon closer inspection, you will recognize this process in everyday life. This is not to simplify the discipline, but to convey that design is not as foreign as it may seem—but rather innately human and widely applicable.   

  • Half-day (4 hours) 
  • Onsite

Processes in Design Thinking

Explore your role as a designer in targeted subjects through the lens of design thinking. 

Through this highly interactive and immersive Design Studio session, you will engage in the design process and leverage its principles and tools to advance your approach to a custom topic or strategy. This program will leave you and your team with actionable takeaways to readily share and apply within your organization. Taking direction from you in selecting topics for exploration, we begin with an open discussion around current state issues that frame your selected topic. 

In this session we explore: 

  • What is design and how does it apply to your topic of focus? 
  • What processes can you use to start innovating around your selected topic? 
  • What are the tools and resources to be used in carrying out these processes? 

Benefits and Value: 

  • Explore a topic of interest to your hospital and gain important insights. 
  • See how the tools and processes of design come to life in a purposeful environment. 
  • Take a fresh approach to a topic that is important to you and your hospital. 

Take your commitment to design thinking to the next level and engage in a focused and purposeful design session that will highlight new and compelling insights around a topic important to your team. Bringing design to life in your organization will energize your strategic culture and fuel stakeholders to drive impactful change. 

  • Half-day (4 hours) 
  • Onsite

The Institute will register all attendees for a one-year membership to the Institute. Registered members are provided access to the Institute’s web portal and design content. Also included is a free subscription to the Institute's quarterly magazine, d.Praxis, as well as special access to members-only events and discounts on select activities, programs, training, and resources.