This technique is an exercise in repositioning. Consider your healthcare product, service, or experience from a different point of view. What if the product was envisioned from a systems vantage point? What if the system was considered as a series of individual interactions and experiences? Use this exercise to rethink and challenge constraints and assumptions.

Working in a resource-constrained environment, we often gravitate towards solutions that are tried and true. As we know, there is little to no room for error in healthcare interactions, particularly those of a clinical nature.

How can we enhance the way users experience our brand? How do we empower the communities we serve to take an active role in their health and well-being? How do we position our hospital or health system as a health improvement organization? Stop and reflect on the traditional efforts that may certainly be easy to implement and comfortable—yet at what cost?

How to Get Started

  1. Consider the voice, strategy, or experience of your organization and assess the current state through the following lenses of the following—
    • Communication and messages
    • Tangible products and artifacts
    • Interactions and services
    • Interfaces and digital experiences
    • Human-to-human experiences
    • Environments—social, spiritual, and political
    • Environments—physical spaces
    • Brand and culture
    • Systems and organizational structures
  2. Use these insights to focus and prioritize within your topic of exploration.
  3. Ignite an internal dialogue to evaluate preexisting voice, strategy, and/or experience efforts. 

The exercise of identifying and evaluating interactions is invaluable to ensure continuous evolution of the experience users have with your brand. Motivating individuals to be proactive about their health and wellness requires healthcare leaders to rethink traditional tools and methodologies. Shift your thinking and share your perspective across departments. It takes commitment to iteration and an aspiration to excellence to drive meaningful improvement and innovation across healthcare.