Having a designated space in your office to post insights, vision, and learnings is invaluable. So often we float from spreadsheet to spreadsheet—subconsciously compromising our creativity for the sake of structure and efficiency.

Creating an insights web on the wall is a simple tool to dissect complexity—to understand all the individual parts and the relationships between those parts. Use this exercise when engaging in the research process—providing space for analysis, synthesis, and sharing the process and insights gained through the experience.

Insights webs are messy, collaborative spaces intended to fuel thought. These visual webs, varying in shape, size, and content, allow insights to emerge visually from the gathered data. These are creative platforms to inspire new ways of working and approaching problem identification and solving in healthcare marketing, strategy, and experience.

Build an insights web to organize user research and insights, as well as thinking around marketing or strategy initiatives.


  1. Build an underlying structure for your insights map—it can be as simple as listing project purpose, objectives, and research questions.
  2. Post key learnings and project milestones in the space.
  3. Use this space as a tool for insights to evolve—move things around and keep the space active.
  4. Organization will emerge through the analysis and synthesis processes
  5. It's okay for it to be messy—this space also serves as a visual reminder of the organic nature of design thinking.
  6. Clearly indicate key insights that emerged from the space, leveraging this area for team collaboration. Share insights and "tell the research story" to other teammates.
  7. Keep a "parking lot" for unanswered questions or ideas that need continued exploration.
  8. Remember to document the space and to circulate your insights throughout your department—and across others as appropriate.

This is where thinking comes alive. Create a space for making connections and visualizing analysis and synthesis. Be open to exchanging insight with your team.