Commit to exploration by embracing the 'five whys'—asking as many questions as possible (or at least five) to illuminate the underlying cause of a situation or driver of an initiative. Leverage the unique backgrounds and roles of individuals on your team to critically analyze and deepen your exploration.

The 'five whys' is a timeless tool to illuminate the reasoning behind underlying issues and understand the relationship between issues to reveal the root cause or problem. Incorporate this practice across all dimensions of your work—from framing a strategy for patient engagement to reimagining a service line.

Commit to asking questions and challenging convention. Just because "you’ve always done it this way," doesn't mean it's the way it should be done. Ask questions to push past mediocrity and aspire to enhanced experiences and meaningful relationships between patients, providers, caregivers, and the broader community.


  1. Define your area of focus and topics of exploration.
  2. Have each member of your team generate a minimum of five questions, probing into each topic and the subsequent issue that was identified.
  3. Allow organic questions to arise based on the previous answer.
  4. Document questions and answers. Keep a running list of questions that need further exploration. Use these insights to focus and prioritize within your topic of exploration.

Keep this technique in mind throughout your daily work to introduce new ways of identifying and solving problems. While the “what” and “how” are important—the “why” gives purpose and meaning to your efforts. Maximize the impact of your resources by challenging your approach—from internal culture to physician engagement.