Live with your ideas and inspirations. Have a designated place to post your thoughts and watch them evolve through iteration over time. Keep your insights posted where others can see them and contribute.

Dedicate a wall in your studio environment, keeping convention to a minimum. Create a physical place for ideas, inspiration, doodles, compelling questions, and ideas to foster a culture committed to purposeful creativity and innovation.

This space comes to reflect the inner workings of your ideas—translating them into a physical environment and providing a valuable tool to engage others in discussion.


  1. Create "white space" for ideas—this can be as simple as a corkboard, a section of a whiteboard or an entire wall if you have the space. (You can also share this space with your team and make it a communal wall for inspiration and ideas.)
  2. Post compelling quotes and insights to get started. Include current initiatives, or the company's mission, vision, and values. Take it one step further—what do these mean to your daily work? How do these manifest across your team? How do they inspire action? Use this space to fuel discussion and challenge each other to embody the brand of your healthcare organization.
  3. Visit this space as little or as often as possible. Keep Post-It notes and markers nearby for posting quick ideas on the fly and printing out articles, images, and quotes.

Use this as a collaborative tool to inspire and challenge others. Grow this space over time. It takes ideas from your mind, translating them into something tangible that others can move forward on and explore. These creative environments can also breathe new life into your workspace. They’re not bad for culture either.